AGRI 85 Quiz 1 Thursday 14 February 2002

1. According to lecture, which of the following companies have traditionally been the manufacturers of Unix workstation computers that are used in high-definition animations for movies?
A) Compaq & Dell
B) IBM & Amstrad
C) Silicon Graphics & Sun Microsystems
D) DEC & Prime
E) Apple & Toshiba

2.  According to the first video we saw in class, which of the following people developed the most popular PC operating system when IBM had to choose an operating system for its new PC in 1980?
A) Gary Kildall
B) Ian McKellen
C) Bill Gates
D) Alison Krauss
E) Michael Dorn

3. According to the class syllabus, the computer lab assignments are worth which of the following percentages of your final course grade?
A) 35%
B) 50%
C) 55%
D) 60%
E) 75%

4.  According to the reading in the textbook, and class notes, which of the following lists of types of computers are in the correct order from most to least powerful?
A) Supercomputer, Mainframe, Server, Minicomputer, Laptop, PDA (Personal Digital Assistant).
B) Supercomputer, Palm Pilot, Server, Workstation, Notebook, Mainframe.
C) PDA, Calculator, Supercomputer, Workstation, Mainframe, Server.
D) Palm Pilot, Notebook, Workstation, Server, Mainframe, Supercomputer.
E) Minicomputer, Palmtop, Minitower PC, Unix Workstation, Server, Mainframe, Supercomputer.

5. According to lecture and the textbook, which of the following is NOT an operating system?
A) Linux
B) OS/2 Warp
C) Solaris
D) MS-Office

6.  Which of the following prefixes refers to one Sextillion bytes of storage space (1,000,000,000, 000,000,000,000) or 10 to the 21st power.
A) Zetta
B) Yotta
C) Tera
D) Peta
E) Exa

7.  Imagine you want to log into zoo to use pine to check your e-mail.  You sit down at one of the PCs in lab and use telnet to connect to zoo.  You have your zoo prompt zoo> on the screen.  Which of the following is zoo’s operating system?
A) Windows98
B) Pico
C) Pine
D) Unix (AIX)

8.  Following along from the previous question, imagine you want to see which host in the zoo cluster you are logged into.  Which of the following commands do you type in at the prompt?
A) who|processor
B) hst
C) hostname
D) ls/host
E) ls process host

9.  Which of the following best describes “pipelining” according to the assigned reading in the text book?
A) The process by which a CPU can begin executing a second instruction before the first instruction is finished.
B) The old-fashion way of sending data on paper enclosed in a canister and dropped in an air-tube that whisks the data canister to another part of a building.
C) The way data are coded into different color light beams and sent over a fiber optic cable, thereby increasing the amount of data that can be sent at one time.
D) Verbally talking to another person over long metal pipes that connect two parts of a building or ship.
E) Organizing many different kinds of network cables inside a polyvinylchloride (PVC) pipe.

10.  Which of the following media has the smallest capacity to hold or store information?
A) Current PC Hard Drive
B) Zip drive
C) High Density 3.5-inch diskette
E) Eight-inch floppy diskette

11.  According to the video in class, which of following best explains how Microsoft made so much money in the 1980s?
A) Microsoft made the microprocessors for all IBM and clone machines.
B) Microsoft’s Operating system DOS was sold with every IBM PC and Microsoft got $50 per PC Royalties from every IBM PC sold.
C) Microsoft controlled most of the public stock in IBM in the 1980s.  As IBM stock went up, so did the net worth of Microsoft.
D) Microsoft made its money from selling DOS to clone makers like Compaq, Dell, and Amstrad.
E) Microsoft had the copyright to the ROM-BIOS chip used in all IBM PCs?

12. According to the video we have watched in class, which of the following companies was awarded the Pentagon’s bid to create the first digital network in the late 1960s that led to the development of the Internet?
A) International Business Machines (IBM)
B) Intergalactic Digital Research (IDR)
C) Bolt, Beranek, & Newman (BBN)
D) Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)
E) American Telephone & Telegraph (AT&T)

13.  When you are using FTP as we did in lab, which part of the FTP window displays all the folders in Your zoo account?
A) The top right part of the window
B) The bottom left part of the window
C) The bottom right side of the window
D) The top left side of the window
A) E) The outside section of the window.

14.  According to the second lab, which of the following AIX commands will display all the users that are logged onto zoo?
A) ls names
B) who|more
C) users
D) ls/host
E) un

15.  Which of the following best explains why diskettes are used as storage in personal computers instead of cassette tapes?
A) Diskettes have a larger storage capacity than tapes.
B) Information on diskettes can be accessed faster than on cassette tapes.
C) Cassette tapes are more expensive to manufacture than diskettes.
D) Diskettes are sturdier and more damage-resistant than cassette tapes.
E) All of the above.

16.  In lab number two, the assignment was to type a unix (AIX) command something like:
 cp ~jleonard/example.txt example.txt
The result of that command was a file was copied from one place to another.  Which of the following letters best represent the two places on the zoo system where the file was copied between?
A) A to B
B) B to C
C) C to D
D) A to D
E) B to D

17.  In lab two was a demonstration of how to upload a file (of the image of the FTP window) to your home directory on zoo.  Which of the following letters best represents the two places on the zoo system from, and to, where the file was uploaded?
A) A to B
B) C to A
C) C to D
D) A to D
E) D to B

18. Imagine next semester you move to a new apartment off campus.  You decide to update your signature file for Pine e-mails that you send out from zoo.  Which of the following best describes the process you could use to update your signature file?
A) Log onto zoo, get into pine, choose S for setup, S for signature file, make the change, save with Ctrl-X, Y, enter.
B) Open your signature.mail file in Notepad, make the address change, save it, and upload the file to your mail/folder on zoo.
C) Use FTP and download your mail.signature file from your mail/ directory on zoo.  Open up the file in Word, make the changes, save it, upload to zoo.
D) On the web go to, after logging in click on Preferences in the left frame, then change your signature file and click on Save Preferences.
E) All of the above.

19.  Which of the above symbols above would you click on in MS-Word to set the Hanging Indent as we did with the Resume assignment in lab 3?
A) A
B) B
C) C
D) D
E) E

20.   Imagine you are creating a Word document and you type in an e-mail address and hit enter at the end of the address.  The address becomes underlined and turns blue such as in Which of the following methods will work to remove the underlining and change the color to black?
A) Block out the address and click on the Underline button on the tool bar.
B) Block out the address, pull the Format menu down, choose Font, and click on Regular in the “font style.
C) Click on the Clipboard button on the toolbar.
D) Place the cursor at the end of the underlined blue e-mail address and press Backspace.
E) None of the above will work.

1. C
2. A
3. D
4. A
5. D
6. A
7. D
8. C
9. A
10. E
11. D
12. C
13. D
14. B
15. B
16. C
17. D
18. A
19. B
20. D