Week 1, Jan 18-20, 2017
CDAE 195 Propaganda, Media Ownership, and Citizen Responsibility
CRN 14637, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Morrill Room 10

Check-In: Attendance, Handouts, Questions?

Wild Child

Course overview:
   - Third time taught
   - Critical Thinking of News Media in our society
   - History of Propaganda
   - Develop Skills and Methods to detect and classify propaganda and media persuasion
   - Develop Principles of Journalism - what the media and citizens should be doing - the role of media in a democratic society

Read the Syllabus!  http://www.uvm.edu/~jleonard/CDAE195spring2017/CALS195PropagandaCourseSpring2017Syllabus.html
Listen to NPR's "On the Media The Game Has Changed
".  Pay particular attention to the taxonomy of Trump's Tweets by George Lakoff.  Write a two-to-three page reflection paper: Describe what you heard, summarize the important points, write what you think - do you agree/disagree?  Was this helpful in deconstructing and understanding the media? Due Monday Jan 23 printed on paper at the beginning of class.

Read BLUR chapters 2-3 (pages 12-56) by next week (Mon. Jan 23) - take notes on the reading, and re-write your notes.  Exam Week of Feb 27.

React to NYT Magazine Article "The Problem With 'Self-Investigation' in a Post-Truth Era": Form small groups (3-4 students).  Go paragraph by paragraph:
-Any words you are not familiar with - look them up
-What is the main point of the paragraph
-What struck or surprised you about the paragraph
-Do you agree, disagree, feel neutral about what is in the paragraph
-Share you thoughts with the class

President Obama's Farewell Address: 25:11 - 27:22,   Eli Pariser's Filter Bubble TED Talk

  John McCutchen song: The List.

    Michael Shermer's TED Talks:

        The Baloney Detection Kit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJmRbSX8Rqo


In-class writing (10:50-11:10):  Please write Your Name, the questions, and then the answers below each question.
- What is propaganda? (your opinion - do not look this up) 
-Where/How do you get your news of world and local current events?
-How much time per day do you pay attention to world and local current events?
-List the apps you use most often on your smart phone:
-List the apps you use most often on your computer:

Propaganda Techniques to Recognize

Media Inventory Log Assignment (10% of course grade):

Record all media you consume for one week - from now () until  beginning of our class (10:50am).  The assignment will be due on  at the beginning of our class.

Record details of what media, how long, and any comments about media type or coverage.  Use sheets provided (from http://www.csuchico.edu/~swiesinger/255/xassign/mediaLog.htm you may print extra copies of the sheets from this web site).

Bring this with you at all times for the next week and enter the information by hand.  You should record what you listened to, watched, browsed, or read, and for how long.  Include information like type of movie watched (drama, comedy, etc.), and whether there were propaganda words used and  (unasked for) advertising that you were exposed to.

TOTAL your media usage in minutes for each media category at the bottom of each media log page.

Calculate and estimated Cost of the media per month using the last sheet.

Write a reflection paper (at least one to three full pages) where you describe the process what it was like for you to complete the assignment, and the results.  Do an analysis: what did you find interesting, what was unexpected, will this change the way you look at your media usage or your behavior?  Which media is most important to you and why?  What do you think about unasked for advertising that you saw or heard?