Week 5, Feb 15-19, 2016
CDAE 195 Propaganda, Media Ownership, and Citizen Responsibility


DUE TODAY: Out of class Assignment: Read "The Third Wave" and write a one to three page reflection paper - What struck you about the read?  Did the reading help explain to you the rise of Naziism in Germany in the 1930s?  What current events did the read remind you of? 

Check-In: Questions? 

Coming up 5-8 minute presentation (March 14 - April 1):  Analysis of Media Company Presentation (10%): Students choose a media company or organization.
Student presentations should include (and have a handout or web page posting).  Schedule HERE:
  -What the organization and product do, mission, vision, etc.
  -Where the organization would fit in the Classification System in BLUR
  -Demonstrate an example of the media company product
  -Explain Who owns the company or organization
  -Explain Political leanings of company or organization
  -Explain the structure of company, and how they make money
  -Present a summary of company sales over time (last five years if possible)
  -Explain issues associated with the company

Read BLUR chapters 6-End (thru page 234)
TEST on Book and material to date TWO WEEKS AWAY Monday Feb 29-March 4.

WW II - NAZI propaganda:  How did this happen?
    - Germany post WW I
    - Stock Market Crash 1929

    - World at War 1933-39 (start at 2:49 - 29:00 in class)
    - BBC's World at War - The Final Solution (0-7:00 in class) Part 1 & Part 2
    - Hitler takes power as Chancellor 1933 Speech.
    - Triumph of the Will 1934 Hitler (43:00-52:00)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHs2coAzLJ8
    - Greatest Story Never Told (8:30-11:20)
    - The Fallen

-- Friday --

Bill Moyers's Big Media Critique  (Start to 23:17)

The First Gulf War CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp 5th Estate, 1992): To Sell A War

Post post 9/11: Iraq War, Hubris MSNBC,  Frontline Bush's War