Week 5, Feb 9-13
CDAE 195 Propaganda, Media Ownership, and Citizen Responsibility
CRN 13743, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Martin Luther King Lounge (Billings)

Check-In: Questions? 

FIRST EXAM: Wednesday 18 Feb. & Friday 20 Feb.  In class Essay exam, open book, open computer (bring ear buds).

Return Reflection papers on WW I Posters.

COLLECT Out of class Assignment: Read "The Third Wave" and write a one to three page reflection paper - What struck you about the read?  Did the reading help explain to you the rise of Naziism in Germany in the 1930s?  What more current events did the read remind you of?  Due Monday Feb 9 at the beginning of class.

FINNISH Reading BLUR Chapters 9 - Afterword (pages 170-210),
Exam March 9 Monday (after Spring Break).

WRITE ON BOARD: The Media Company or Organization you would like to present on.  10 minute presentation (Starting the week of March 9-16):  Analysis of Media Company Presentation (5%): Students choose a media company or organization.  SCHEDULE IS HERE!
Student presentations should include A PAPER HANDOUT that has:
  -What the organization and product do, mission, vision, etc.
  -Characterize/Classify the organization using BLUR's classification system (if applicable)
  -Demonstrate an example product
  -Explain Who owns the company or organization
  -Explain Political leanings of company or organization
  -Explain the structure of company, and how they make money
  -Present a summary of company sales over time
  -Explain issues associated with the company

Ryan M. - Reddit
Emily G. - Pinterest
Melanie L. - Instagram
Haley C. - Upworthy
Ellen B. - Ello
Jenna M. - Tumblr
Carey A. - Twitter
Alexander P. - Vice
Kate P. - Buzzfeed
Marcel E. - Facebook
Christian L. - Gawker
Hayden P. - YouTube
Samuel T. - Fox
Haley A. -
Tucker G. - The Onion
Jayci G. - Vogue Magazine
Zerrin S. - New York Times
Emily T. - Barstool Sports
Mikaela W. - Al Jeezera
Karen Y. - Weebly

The First Gulf War CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp 5th Estate, 1992): To Sell A War

Rachel Carson's Silent Spring

Post post 9/11: Iraq War, Hubris MSNBC,  Frontline Bush's War

Bill Moyers's Big Media Critique

The Persuaders PBS Frontline,  Science of Persuasion six universal Principles of Persuasion by Dr. Robert Cialdini