Week 12, April 6 - 10
CDAE 195 Propaganda, Media Ownership, and Citizen Responsibility
CRN 13743, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Martin Luther King Lounge (Billings)

Check-In: Questions? 

Case Study of Media Propaganda

We have now seen a number of examples of propaganda and persuasion in the media.  We have looked at a number of different propaganda techniques, and have read in BLUR a framework for investigating and analyzing news media. 

For this assignment, you choose a propaganda situation and present an analysis including:

-Define the propaganda situation (what, where, when, who, how, & questions)
-Tell an interesting story about the propaganda situation.
-Explain what propaganda techniques were used by whom.
-Explain who was the target audience.
-Was the propaganda campaign successful?  If so why, if not, why not?

Please create a handout for the audience (can be a web page online, or a paper handout).

Please assign readings or viewings (ex. YouTubes) ahead.

Present your case study in an 8-10 minute informational talk to our class.  Use the feedback you received for the last presentation to improve this coming presentation.


Friday April 10:
                                                                                 View Ahead:
Melanie Levene
How ISIS and ISL use mainstream social media
Mikaela Waters
Corn Syrup
Emily Tilton
Selling of the Iraq War
Sam Tully

Monday April 13
Jayci Giambrone
"Je suis Charlie" incident

Haley Agront

Ellen Buley

Ryan McNally

Wednesday April 15
Marcel Etienne

Carey Austin

Zerrin Sehovic

Hayden Pochop

Friday April 17
Christian Lewis
Anti-Japanese Propaganda of WW II
Emily Garcia
Fox News in Bennington VT

Kate Petrillo

Tucker Geoffroy
Cigarette advertising

Monday April 20
Haley Cook

Jenna Morrissey
Gatorade Commercials

Karen Yuen

Alex Protell

CITIZEN RESPONSIBILITY case study on Privacy: Frontline United States of Secrets

Will Potter TED, Criminalize Non-Violent Protest    Democracy Now Program on Citizen Four

Why Privacy Matters (Glen Greenwald TED),   Mikko Hypponen TED NSA