Alternative Information Sources on the Web from Bill Maddocks, The Free Radical:

News sites from Western press: National Geographic News  The New York Times Liberal daily from London. Collective of independent media organizations and non-corporate news. The Christian Science Monitor.  Possibly the most objective reporting in the US Today. French perspective on world issues. Hundreds of front-pages from 30 countries  Articles on a wide variety of issues from all political perspectives from all over the world Left-leaning Israeli daily newspaper.  Domestic Israeli news and opinions on occupation of Palestine and other Middle Eastern matters British Broadcasting Co. Daily newspapers and TV United Kingdom Daily Telegraph paper The UK independent.  Home of Robert Fisk, one of the best English-language Middle East reporters  The UK Daily Mirror.  Home of John Pilger critic of America's neocolonialism  The Irish Times Der Spiegel (The Mirror) Major Newpaper in Germany  Le Monde Diplomatique (in english), an online magazine published by Le Monde, the prestigious Paris daily.  The Scottish National Newspaper  Democracy Now  Truth Out, Alternative press online.  Different view than what you see on Fox/CNN  AlterNet syndicates articles to newspapers, magazines, and web sites, and also carries original analysis.  Libertarian-oriented news and opinion on militarism and resistance.  Mother Jones daily magazine.  Unconventional wisdom and opinion since 1865.  Public Interest Journal News & Opinion from Working Assets "The spirit of resistance lives!" Left views.  The stars and stripes daily newspaper of the US armed forces.   Tom Engelhardt's, fellow at the National Institute page. Project Censored, Stories not covered by main stream media. Progressive Think Tank

News sites from the non-Western World:  Devoted to Middle East   Al-Jazeera is seen throughout the Arab world, and is a respected news source in Europe.  Al-Ahram, Cairo, Egypt. State-owned English version.  Daily Star newspaper from Lebanon  Qatar newspaper, the Daily Star  Daily Jang, Pakistan.  All Africa Global Media  The Islamic Republic News Association based in Tehran.  Fundamentalist viewpoint.  Pan-Islamic site.   Middle East Media & Research Institute, translates articles from Arab media.  Institute for War and Peace Reporting,  British reporting on Eurasian conflicts.  Australian news search engine

Sites that specialize on "fact checking", media reporting, and how mass media works: Specializes on how political ads spin the "truth" Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting, media watch dog.  Center for Media and Democracy Media Reform Information Center Free Press Media reform  Columbia Journal Review, Which companies own which media outlets  Action Coalition for Media Education Source Watch

Miscellaneous Educational pages  left/progressive/liberal/Democratic Political Encyclopedia Environmental video perspective

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