AGRI 85/002 Information Technology 


DISCLAIMER:  The Lab Notebook is meant as a quick summary of assignments.  It is not meant to be a complete users manual, or recipe book that tells you the commands you use to complete the assignments.  You need to come to lab and take notes to be able to complete the assignments.

Computer Viruses:  Most computer viruses today come in the form of email attachments, spybots, or worms.  Worms are viruses that carry their own file transfer protocol (FTP) so once they establish themselves on your PC, they can send themselves to other PCs on the network.  The first line of defense against email attachment viruses is to use Pine for email, and only open attachments from trusted sources.  The second line of defense is to install and regularly update anti-virus software from the UVM Software Archive .  If your PC gets infected with a virus that is a new variant that can not be disinfected with your anti-virus software, the best strategy is to go out on the web and search for ways to get rid of the new variant.  Many anti-virus software companies, such as Network Associates , have web sites with information about every known virus, worm, and hoax.

Spyware is software that keeps track of your actions on the computer and sends this information to others without your consent.  In the worst case, this can mean a key-stroke logger records your credit card numbers as you type them in.  Spybots can also record which web sites you visit, how long you linger, what products you buy, and who you email.  A good FREE spy-bot killer can be downloaded from

Try these challenges with Microsoft Word

In this lab you will learn how to create a resume using the word processor MS-Word 2000 for WindowsXP, and how to  upload it to your Zoo account and attach it in an e-mail message.

Resume Format to Follow for this Assignment:

                                        SUSAN S. SMITH
                                              March 2005

Current Address                                                       Permanent Address
123 Patterson Hall                                                  174 Duckpond Drive
University of Vermont                                            Wantagh, NY  11793
Burlington, VT  05405                                                   (516) 785-6576
(802) 656-4567

EDUCATION:      Bachelor of Science Degree.  University of Vermont,
                               Burlington, Vermont.  Major:   Plant and Soil Science.
                               Concentration  in   Landscape  Design.       Expected
                               graduation: May 2008.

                               Outward  Bound.  Hurricane Island, Maine.  Summer

                               Bellows  Falls  Union  High  School .    Bellows  Falls,
                               Vermont.  Graduated May 2004.

GENERAL             Plant  Salesperson,   Afterglow  Florists,  Burlington,
EXPERIENCE:     Vermont.   Maintain  house plants,  educate public in
                                proper care of  plants, handle retail sales. Responsible
                                for   management   of   shop   one   day   per   week.
                                September 2004 - present.

                                Greenhouse  Assistant,     Evergreen    Greenhouses,
                                Orange, Vermont.  Responsible  for mechanical  and
                                hand seeding, propagating ornamental and  vegetable
                                plants; regulating  automatic  watering  and  fertilizing
                                system, and trans-planting stock. Worked with public
                                and  handled  money  in  small  retail  plant  business.
                                Spring (part-time) and Summer 2003.

                                Landscape Laborer, Roughhewn Yardscapers,  Inc.,
                                Barre, Vermont. Transplanted trees and shrubs, read
                                blueprint   site   plans,    operated   light    machinery,
                                performed plant and machinery maintenance.  April  -
                                August 2002.

ACTIVITIES:         President, Plant and Soil Science Club,  University of
                                Vermont.   Provided  leadership  to  club in exploring
                                common  interests of members and improving faculty-
                                student communication.  Presided  over meetings, co-
                                ordinated activities,  offered direction to club officers.
                                Fall 2005 - Spring 2005.

                                Captain,   Women's   Field   Hockey   Varsity   Team.
                                Bellows  Falls  Union  High  School.    Bellows  Falls,
                                Vermont.  2003-2004.

REFERENCES:     Donna  G.  Donaldson,   Owner:  Afterglow  Florists,
                                Burlington, Vermont. (802) 658-1234.  ddflower@

                                James  H.  Heriot,  Group  Leader:  Outward  Bound.
                                Hurricane    Island,    Maine.          (207)   123-4567.

                                Christine Parker,  Manager:  Evergreen Greenhouses,
                                Orange, Vermont. (802) 948-3213.


1. If you only have a single address, add your work address or some other address to demonstrate that you can right and left justify.

2.  Be sure to include your phone number(s) and e-mail address.

3.  In each major section of the resume (EDUCATION:, EXPERIENCE:, etc.) list items in reverse chronological order, (most recent first).  Put two blank lines between major sections such as EDUCATION, and GENERAL EXPERIENCE.

4.  In the section for UVM, put the Degree first, then the school and your major. Put "Expected graduation:" even if it is four years away.

5.  Do not use "I" in the resume.  Keep sentences as short as possible.  Start sentences with verbs.

6.  Fully justify (right and left sides even like a newspaper column).

7.  Include any interesting non conventional training or experience, for example:  foreign language fluency, travel out of country, exchange student trip, wilderness experiences, special organization achievement: Eagle scout, Future Farmers of America, sports awards, or any other unique training.

8.  It is OK if the resume is longer than one page.

9.  Spell out all town and state names except in the addresses at the top of the resume.

10.  If your resume is more than one page, center "(Continued)" on the bottom of your pages.  In addition, center your name in bold and right justify the Page # on top of each page.

11.  USE Hanging Indent (in Word) to indent all your sections of the resume.  DO NOT USE TABS OR SPACE BAR!

12.  Center your name in bold capital letters at the top of the first and second page.

13.  Give at least three references with their title, organization, and phone.

14. Do not underline punctuation.

15.  Use present tense if still doing it, past tense if you are finished doing it.

16.  Include one space after a comma, and two spaces after a period.

        UPLOADING TO ZOO and ATTACHING the resume to an e-mail using pine:

Use SSH FTP to upload your word-resume to your home directory in zoo.

To include attach your resume in an e-mail message using Pine, compose a message, fill in the e-mail address, and then move your cursor down to the "Attchmnt:" line.  Press Ctrl-J and type in the name of your resume file (or use Ctrl-T to get a list of files in your home directory).  You may add a comment, otherwise press enter.  Write a short comment in the message text area below and send the file with Ctrl-X.


Write your (real) resume in MS-WORD FORMAT, upload it to your home directory with FTP, and e-mail it to your lab instructor as an attachment (10 points). Print your resume on a letter quality printer (LaserJet) (20 Points ). Be sure to use exactly the same format as shown above at the top of this page. You will be graded on how well you follow the format above. This assignment will be graded on the format of the resume. Your lab instructor will be looking for a format exactly like that above.