Forms of Group Reports
1. Symposium
    A) Consists of a moderator and several speakers
    B) The moderator introduces the topic and the speakers
    C) Each speaker delivers a carefully prepared and coordinated speech
         on a different aspect of the topic:
          1. For example, each describes a stage of the group's progress, or
          2. Each speaker reports on a major issue of the topic

2. Panel
    A) Consists of team members informally discussing the problem or
         topic in front of the audience
    B) No formal prepared speeches
    C) Guided by a coordinator or moderator who:
        1. Focuses audience attention
        2. Introduces and clarifies the topic
        3. Introduces the members of the panel
        4. Guides members around any problems
        5. Summarizes the panel's final results
        6. Concludes the event

3. Forum
    A) Open audience participation using a moderator.
    B) Moderator sets the ground rules and facilitates the discussion by:
        1. Stimulating the group by posing provocative questions or
            presenting challenging ideas.
        2. Using speakers to keep comments brief/or expand on a point
        3. Recognizing various viewpoints and making sure they are heard
    C) A Forum often follows a Symposium or Panel