AGRI 183 Communication Methods Lecture Four Outline,Tuesday, 20 September 2005

Quiz on Present Yourself is NEXT WEEK Sept 27.  You must be on time or you will lose points!

Four to Six page paper critiquing a formal speech given outside of class (due: Oct 28, 4pm) peer edited


  1. Practice the standing exercise.  Keep hands out of pockets.
  2. Practice your dramatic reading and informational presentations.
  3. READING ASSIGNMENT: Finish Present Yourself, Chapters 7-10.

Be sure you know your Speech date and lab role assignment, these have been updated!  Those speaking next week should bring a blank VCR cassette tape to lab.

Informational speech presentation powerpoint.

Critique Informational Speech (Manatees are Rad!) using the Informational Presentation Critique Sheet.

Critique Informational Speech (Cool Papa Bell example) using the Informational Presentation Critique Sheet.

Best Speech of the Twentieth century: Martin Luther King's, I Have A Dream.  Stylistic languages devices used.

Formal Class Introductions (graded, 5%).  Don't End with "That's about it", no hats, hands out of pockets.