Curriculum Vitae

Jan Feldman



Cornell University--Ithaca, New York Ph.D. received February, 1982 in Government, with major in Political Theory; minors in Public Policy and City and Regional Planning (Developing Countries). M.A. received May, 1980


London School of Economics--London, England Graduate study in the History of Political Thought


Swarthmore College--Swarthmore, Pennsylvania B.A. with major in Political Science; minors in Economics and Philosophy

Work Experience

1990 to present

University of Vermont: Associate Professor of Political Science - American Government


University of Vermont: Assistant Professor of Political Science - American Government

Spring, 1982

John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY: Adjunct Assistant Professor of Political Science: Seminar in Civil Liberties and Civil Rights

Fall, 1978

Cornell University: Teaching Assistant for Introduction to Political Theory

Summer, 1978

United States Department of Labor, Washington, D.C.; Bureau of International Labor Affairs: Project on Third World Rural Development

Fellowships and Awards


Visiting Professor, Department of Jewish Studies, McGill University, Montreal, P.Q.

Oct. 1995

Visiting Professor, UVM/ Petrozavodsk State University Exchange, Karelia, Russia


Fellow, Russian Research Center, Harvard University


University of Vermont UCRS Grant


Lady Davis Post-Doctoral Fellow: Hebrew University--Jerusalem, Israel


Nominated by the United States Information Agency for a Fulbright Lecturing Award--U.S.S.R.

Summer, 1982

University of Vermont Institutional Grant

Fall, 1987

Cornell University Scholar

1976- 1977

Swarthmore College, Joshua Lippincott Fellowship for graduate study


Lubavitchers As Citizens: A Paradox of Liberal Democracy; Cornell University Press - Forthcoming 2003

Book Chapter
"Liberalism and the Challenge of Multicultural Accommodation" in Proceedings of the Third Annual Kent State University Symposium on Democracy; Democracy and Religion: Free Exercise and Diverse Vision (Forthcoming)


"Trade Policy as Foreign Policy: The New Technological Isolationism". The Washington Quarterly, Winter 1985

"Trade Policy as Foreign Policy: The New Technological Isolationism" reprinted in the Congressional Record, May 15, 1985

"Trade Policy as Foreign Policy: The New Technological Isolationism", reprinted in Policy Studies Review Annual, Volume 8, Transaction Press, 1986

"Collaborative Production of Defense Equipment within NATO" The Journal of Strategic Studies, September, 1984

"Collaborative Production of Defense Equipment within NATO", reprinted in The DISAM Journal, Defense Department, Volume 7, No. 4, Summer, 1985

"Collaborative Production of Defense Equipment within NATO", reprinted in Current News Special Edition, Pentagon, April 18, 1985

"Population and Ideology" History of Political Thought, Summer, 1984. Also adopted as part of the required curriculum for the Graduate Training Programme, Institute of Population Studies, University of Exeter, England

"Unconventional Trade: Bartering for Weapons" SAIS Review, Winter/Spring, 1986 Johns Hopkins University Foreign Policy Institute

"New Thinking about the `New Man': Developments in Soviet Moral Theory", Studies in Soviet Thought 37:63-79, 1989

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"Longing for the `Good Tsar'", The New Leader, April 6, 1992

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Review Article on the Film: Karl Marx and Marxism for the Soviet and Post-Soviet Review, October, 1993

"Civic Culture and Democracy from Europe to America" The Journal of Politics, Volume 59, Number 4, November 1997 co-author Tom Rice

Courses Taught

Problems of Political Thought
Political Culture
Religion and Liberal Democracy
Democratic Theory
Third World Marxism
Revolutionary Thought
American Government
Citizenship in Theory and Politics
History of Political Thought