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Joshua C. Farley
Professor, Community Development and Applied Economics
Office: 205 B Morrill Hall
Fellow, Gund Institute for Ecological Economics
Work: (802) 656-2989



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I have a very interdisciplinary academic background, with degrees in biology, international affairs and neoclassical economics. The former degrees inoculated me against indoctrination in the latter

I try to take an applied, problem solving approach to both research and teaching. Ecological economics is too important to focus primarily on academic studies that circulate among a group of disciplinary peers before slowly diffusing out to the broader public. Many policy makers, non-government organizations and businesses would benefit greatly from the insights and perspectives of ecological economics if only they could connect to its practitioners.  I like to integrate teaching, research and service through problem solving workshops or skill-shares (to borrow a term from colleague David Batker) in collaboration with NGOs, governments, and local communities that simultaneously teach and apply ecological economics.  Ultimately, applied problem solving gives us the opportunity to scientifically test our hypotheses, falsify them at times, and develop our transdiscipline in a truly scientific fashion.

Herman Daly and Robert Costanza have had the greatest impact on my thinking, and I consider them my mentors.


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