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Erickson - Research
Jon D. Erickson - Projects (PI = principal investigator)

PI, "Measuring and Modeling Forest Ecosystem Service Trade-offs of Salvage Logging Following Wind Disturbances in Vermont Forests," with K. Wallin (UVM), USDA McIntire-Stennis Forest Research Program.

Co-PI, "Research on Adaptation to Climate Change," National Science Foundation, EPSCoR, 2011-2016.

Co-PI, "Strengthening Tanzania Livestock Health and Pastoralist Nutrition and Livelihoods in a Changing Climate," Livestock-Climate CRSP, USAID, 2011-2015.

PI, "Transdisciplinary Disease Modeling and Interventions at the Human-Livestock-Wildlife Interface in Semi-Arid Ecosystems of East Africa," Fulbright Fellowship, 2011.

Co-PI, “Health for Animals and Livelihood Improvement, Rungwa-Ruaha Ecosystem, Tanzania,” with J. Mazet (PI, UC Davis), P. Coppolillo (Wildlife Conservation Society), and R. Kazwala (Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania), Global Livestock Collaborative Research Support Program, U.S. Agency for International Development, 2006-2009.

Co-PI, "Long-Term Agroecological Changes in Shade Coffee Landscapes of Latin America: Lessons for Sustainable Livelihoods and Conservation," with V.E. Mendez (PI) and S.T. Lovell, Research Opportunities Grant Program, University of Vermont, 2008-2010.

Collaborator, "Evaluation of the Environmental, Economic, and Social Effects of Organic Farming in Norway," Research Council of Norway, 2007-2010.

Co-PI, “Northern New England Engaged Department Grant,” with M. Shannon (PI), K. Wallin, M. Kolan, S. Libby and M. Watzin, Northern New England Campus Compact, Davis Educational Foundation, 2007-2010.

Co-PI, “Dynamic Transportation and Land Use Modeling,” with A. Troy (PI) and B. Bowden, Federal Highway Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation, 2006-2008. [Project Web Site]

Co-PI, “Survey of Public Priorities as a Guide for Future Sustainable Investment Strategies,” with W.F. Porter (PI, SUNY ESF), G. Cox (Audubon New York) and A. Woods (SUNY ESF), Northeast States Research Cooperative, 2007-2008. [Project Results]

PI, “Bottom-Up Strategies for Bio-Regional Policy: Designing Participatory Processes in Legislative Policy Formation,” with G. Cox (Audubon New York) and W.F. Porter (SUNY ESF), Northeast States Research Cooperative, 2004-2006. [Project Results]

PI, “Multi-Criteria Decision Aid for Northern Forest Lands: Participatory Tools for Balancing Ecological, Social, and Economic Considerations,” with R. Howarth (Dartmouth), A. Sheldon (White River Partnership), and M. Wilson, Northeast States Research Cooperative, 2003-2006. [Project Results]

PI, “Modeling and Measuring the Process and Consequences of Land Use Change: Case Studies in the Hudson River Watershed,” with J. Gowdy (RPI) and K. Limburg (SUNY ESF), Hudson River Foundation, 2000-2004. [Final Report]

Collaborator, “Economic and Ecological Impacts of Differentiated Wood Products,” with M. Lorenzo (PI, National Wildlife Federation), Northeast States Research Cooperative, 2004. [Project Results]

Co-PI, “Regional Sustainability: Bridging Resource Conservation and Economic Development,” with J. Gowdy (PI, RPI) and UFZ Centre for Environmental Research (Leipzig, Germany), National Science Foundation, 2001-2002.

PI, “A Market Diffusion Analysis for Renewable Energy Options using Learning Curves,” Sandia National Laboratories, 2001-2002.

Co-PI, “Land Use as a Driver of Ecological Change in the Wappingers and Fishkill Creeks, Hudson River Valley, New York,” with D. Burns (PI, Dutchess County), K. Limburg (SUNY ESF), and Dutchess County Water Quality Strategy Committee, Hudson Valley Regional Council, 2002.

PI, “Modeling the Lake George Watershed Economy: a pilot education and training project,” Lake George Association, Summer 2001.

Co-PI, “Hudson River Waterfront Development Project: Economic Impact Study,” with J. Gowdy, Center for Economic Growth of the Rockefeller Institute and New York State Department of State, Spring 2001.

Co-PI, “Information Technology and Economics for Sustainable Development,” with J. Gowdy (RPI), Rensselaer Strategic Investment Grant, 1999-2000.

PI, “China’s Transportation System in Transition: A Simulation Model of Energy and Development,” Sandia National Laboratories, 1999.

PI, “China Energy and Greenhouse Gas Modeling,” Sandia National Laboratories, 1998.

PI, “Sustainable Development and the Adirondack Experience,” Rensselaer School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Mini-Grant Program 1997-1998.

PI, “Solar Technology, Feasibility, and Sustainability in the Dominican Republic,” Cornell Institute for International Food and Agricultural Development, 1993.

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