Reading Quiz 7

Ch. 18 - Rodents
1. The total number of cheek teeth in rodents never exceeds : 18 - 22 - 32 teeth

2. The primitive protrogomorph (aplodontid) conditions of the massester muscle attachment is today found ony in:



mountain beavers.

3. The kangaroo rats (Heteromyidae) are the sister group and share cheek pouches with the:

beavers (Castoridae)

gophers (Geomyidae)

dormice (Myoxidae

4. Closest relatives of the Old World saltatorial and bipedal jerboas (Dipodidae) are the:

New World Kangaroo rats

New World chinchillas

North American jumping mice

5. Gliding in the African anomalurid flying squirrels, the Holarctic flying squirrels and the Dermoptera (colugos) is a

a) homologous (synapomorphic)

b) analogous (convergent)


6. Jerboas, springhares and kangaroo rats are not characterized by
a) fused cervical vertebrae

b) reduced, fused, and elongated digits.

b) enlarged digging forelimbs

7. The only prehensile tailed rodent is a: porcupine - squirrel - dormouse

8. The hystricognath Nutria (Myocastoridae) in its adaptations resembles:

a) beavers

b) rabbits

Ch. 23 Behavior - Eusociality

9. Eusociality in mammals occurs in two species of the

African Bathyergidae

African Erethizondidae

North American Geomyidae

10. Eusociality is favoured by

a) arid conditions and patchy food distribution

b) mesic conditions and abundant food distribution