Gun Control (2000)

 by John A. Davison


Dateline September 15, 2000.


This is a beautiful example of the big lie technique in propaganda. You
present an obviously impossible premise and then elaborate on it. It is
also an example of that great liberal watchword - CONTROL. Liberals want
to control everything - schools, land, growth of any kind. You name it,
they want to control it. As for guns, not only can you not control them,
but you can't control those who choose to use them for unlawful
purposes. I had an interesting conversation with a retired police officer
who was demonstrating water purifiers in Costgo the other day. He had been
a cop in Washington D.C. a city with the toughest gun laws in the
country. He said that on his beat alone he encountered a corpse per day on
average. He agreed with me that the Brady Law had probably caused an
increase in fatalities simply because if a criminal can not aquire a
weapon by ordinary means, he will probably resort to violence to get
one. I am also convinced that these safety locks will probably cause
additional fatalities putting them on and taking them off the triggers. If
all gun manufacture were to stop tomorrow, crime would skyrocket as crooks
would steal other peoples weapons.

The real issue is not gun control but crime control. The Second Amendment
speaks of a "well regulated militia." Washington's army was a citizens
army or militia. Our militia today is still the Citizens of this Nation.
The National Guard which is a valuable component of the Armed Forces is 
another part of a Standing Army.  But they are much too few in numbers to be
able to control crime. In our society that is the province of the Police.
Here is a model for crime control which I think is worthy of
consideration. The nation of Switzerland is smaller than the State of
Maine but has a population of about six million. They have a regular army
of about 1500 commissioned and noncommissioned officers. They serve to
train a citizens militia which numbers about 650 thousand men. In
Switzerland all men bewteen 20 and 50 are subject to compulsory military
service which means that they are trained in the use of all forms of
weaponry. When they go home they take their weapons with them. I have not
seen any crime statistics for Switzerland but I am willing to bet it is
low, especially burglaries. Wouldn't you agree? The Swiss have also been
able to avoid both World Wars. An agressor would be out of his mind to
attack a mountain stronghold where every household is armed to the
teeth. They also have their bridges mined and a state of the art modern
air force. Remember what Theodore Roosevelt said - "Step softly and carry
a big stick". It works!

As I see it, the solution to our very high crime rate would be, using the
Switzerland model, to ensure that every citizen is trained in the use of
firearms, and to have access to those firearms. This is hardly the
position of the liberal establishment. We have already made an important
step in that direction here in Vermont with the Hunter Safety Program. I
would like to see that elaborated and extended to a Citizens Firearms
Training Program. 

Thank you. God Bless Vermont and God Bless America. 

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