James Bagrow

Assistant Professor

Mathematics & Statistics and Vermont Complex Systems Center,
Farrell Hall, room 212,
University of Vermont
james.bagrow [at] uvm.edu   CV

Hey, I'm an editor at Nature Scientific Reports. You should go submit something!

I recently co-organized a workshop: 2014 KDD Workshop on Learning about Emergencies from Social Information (KDD-LESI 2014). The turn out was great!


Human mobility
Robust networks

I'm interested in the underlying rules and organizing principles of complex physical and social systems. My work combines mathematical models with large-scale data analysis to better understand these systems, with a particular emphasis on network science and human dynamics.

See also github.com/bagrow


Publications (Google Scholar )

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    Note: This paper has been downloaded over 100 thousand times! During the first month it was the most accessed paper from all Nature journals, including Nature itself.

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