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(一月 いちがつ): January
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Welcome to the UVM Japanese Program website!

What drew you to the idea of studying Japanese? Are you interested in Anime, games or are you simply attracted to the language and culture of Japan that is both ancient and cutting edge modern?

The Japanese Program offers an undergraduate major and minor. We offer courses in Japanese language, literature, pop culture and a variety of courses such as history, religion, and art through the Asian Studies Program.  The language courses are from elementary to advanced levels using the four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Our enthusiastic Japanese faculty members have many years of teaching experience. Japanese is often considered as one of the more difficult languages, however, our students are able to conduct simple conversations, read and write during the very first semester.  In more advanced levels, authentic materials such as newspaper articles, films, TV news and contemporary novels are used.

Are you interested in Study Abroad?  You may apply for various school sites in Japan through the Office of International Education.

We have a residential program called the Global Village Japanese House. Students who have similar interests live together and participate in many cultural activities.

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