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Information Technology Planning Committee

An IT Planning Committee for CALS was charged to:
  1. Briefly review the current resources, their effectiveness, adequacy, and co-ordination;

  2. Develop a vision of the future IT needs of CALS to serve our teaching, research, development, administrative and outreach needs;

  3. Advise the Dean of the human and technological infrastructural investment needed over the next 5 years to achieve that vision;

  4. Recommend an appropriate structure for the management and co-ordination of IT activity;

  5. Draft a staged implementation plan to move us toward the vision.

A final draft of recommendations from this committee dated 5/15/2001 addressed these charges and recommended specific organizational, training, and resource-allocation action steps. The Dean's Office has responded by creating the CALS Information Technology Office as a new organizational unit within the Dean's Office. The new IT office will be considering these recommendations and directing resources toward meeting many of the goals and objectives specified in the plan. Among them:

1. Create a permanent IT committee

2. Every faculty and staff person, including those at adjoining off-site facilities, should have access to a 3-year-old or less computer with a 10 megabit network connection, with a goal of 100 megabit, in their office

3. The college should support the following IT personnel

4. Recommendations were made for advanced training for IT personnel and individuals to become a resource for particular software. IT competencies should be incorporated into faculty and staff yearly evaluations and new hires

5. A CALS web server should be provided for CALS-specific applications