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UVM Official Email Address Format Change Effective July 1, 2003

Effective tomorrow, July 1, 2003, UVM official email
addresses will be of the form:

For new email address standard documentation, see

For the new email address standard FAQ, see

For the new email change reminder in the current UVM IT News, see

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:      I began using last fall.
       What do I need to do now?
A:      Nothing.

Q:      I'm still using my old zoo address.
       What do I need to do?
A:      It depends. Beginning tonight, CIT will
       automatically remove "zoo" from your email
       address and from any UVM listserv subscriptions.
       Note that listserv will be down for about an
       hour beginning at 7PM on June 30, 2003.

       However, if you have other subscriptions,
       you will have to change them.
       If you have trouble or questions,

Q:      I forgot to tell anyone my address was changing.
       Will I lose email?
A:      No. Email sent to your old addresses
       (e.g. zoo, moose, etc.) will continue to
       reach you.

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