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  • The Indian Students Association has a movie night almost every month during the semester time provided there is a recent release available to show public. Most of the time the movie is played on Saturday evening in the weekend.

    You are advised to check this page for details and also ISA's general email regarding movie night before you come here to UVM since the venue and time of show can change from time to time depending on the availability of theaters at UVM.

    If you are a ISA member, it's free for you. Otherwise you are required to donate 3 dollars. Don't worry about 3 dollars. Believe me it's worth. You would be provided with refreshments.

    Since we are showing the movie on weekends, there won't be any problem with parking. Parking is free on most of the sites at UVM on weekends. Please be there on time for the show.

    If you come to the show with your kids, please make sure that you don't cause inconvenience to others by letting your kids play in theater with huge sounds.

    It is not our responsibility if something happens to your kids or if you lose something in the theater. So please make sure that you don't forget anything in the theater when you leave the place after the completion of the show.