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  • Below is the list of all individuals and their responsibilities for the upcoming Diwali night 2013 function.

    please contact them directly if you would like to participate or volunteer for the event.

    This is the list of individuals and their responsibilities for Diwali Night 2013

    Diwali Event Management and Coordination: Shreoshi Pal Choudhuri spalchou@uvm.edu, Suryatapa G Jha sgjha@uvm.edu

    Membership and Tickets/passes and Expenses: Shashank Jain Shashank.Jain@uvm.edu, Ramya Srinivasan Ramya.Srinivasan@uvm.edu

    Food and Catering setup: Anand M Sharma, Sanghita Sengupta

    Pooja/ Decorations: Sharath Chandra Madasu , Rajiv Jumani , rupali agrawal , Akriti Bhargava, Nitinkumar D Jabre

    Presentation and Hosting: Akriti Bhargava, Lane Manning , Krithika Sudhakar Rao , Ravi Nagori

    Funding and Productions setup: Anand M Sharma , Naveen Rawat , Ganesh Oka

    If you have any concerns or suggestions please email isa@uvm.edu

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