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Contingencies for Release of Final Approval

Once you have satisfactorily completed the Committee's clarifications we will check the status of  the following items:

  • Execution of Contracts or Agreement (if applicable)
  • Payment of IRB Fees (if applicable)
  • Completion of a UVM Medical Center Billing Compliance Plan (if applicable)
These items must be completed prior to release of the protocol approval.  

Execution of Sponsor Contract  or Agreement

Do you have funding?  If the protocol is sponsored, you must detail this within the protocol cover form under Section 6.  Source of Support, Contract/Agreements, and Fees.
  • Industry Developed and Sponsored:  If the funding is industry-sponsored, an executed contract/agreement needs to be completed.  You should work with the Office for Clinical Trials Research.
  • Investigator Developed but Industory Sponsored: If the protocol is investigator-developed but funded by industry, you should work with Sponsored Project Administration.
  • Federal, Foundation, State Sponsored:  If the research is funded by any of these, you should work with Sponsored Project Administration.

Note:  If the sponsor is providing only test drug or device and no per-patient monetary support, a contract is still required prior to approval release.  In most of these cases, you will work with the Office for Clinical Trials Research.

Click on the following link for information about UVM Medical Center's Office for Clinical Trials Research 
Click on the following link for information about UVM's office of Sponsored Project Administration 

Payment of IRB Fees

The University’s Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) charge fees for initial and annual continuing review for all UVM Medical Center (UVM Medical Center) studies sponsored by pharmaceutical firms and other for-profit entities, and to review protocols for outside organizations. Fees are not charged for University or UVM Medical Center federal, non-profit foundation, or departmentally-funded studies. The fees are reviewed each year by the IRB and are subject to change.  Initial approval will not be released until the initial invoice is paid.

IRB Fees as of July 1, 2009

  • Initial review: $2,500
  • Continuing review: $1,500
For additional questions, call Donna Silver in the Research Protections Office at 656-5040. 

Completion of UVM Medical Center Billing Plan

  • The Affiliation Agreement between the University of Vermont (UVM) and UVM Medical Center (UVM Medical Center) requires approval of a billing plan by UVM Medical Center Compliance for all protocols utilizing UVM Medical Center resources regardless of whether they are UVM or UVM Medical Center studies.  The IRB assists UVM Medical Center Compliance in identifying protocols that require a billing plan.
  • If the study will involve any UVM Medical Center patients (including data and or specimens) or any equipment, facilities, supplies or personnel of UVM Medical Center, whether standard of care or protocol-driven, such as laboratory, pharmacy, imaging, EKGs, or other diagnostic or therapeutic items or staff a billing plan is required. 
  • You may work with UVM Medical Center Billing Compliance on a billing plan while the protocol is undergoing its IRB review, however the IRB approval will not be released until a sufficient billing plan has been approved by UVM Medical Center Compliance. 
For more information, please reference “Research Billing Compliance” on the UVM Medical Center website. For additional questions, call Denise Quint in the UVM Medical Center Integrity and Compliance department at 847-9482. 

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