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P/E Ratios
A P/E ratio is a comparison of the price of a stock, say at the end of the day, with the Earnings Per Share(EPS) of the stock. The EPS represent the earning power of the stock; think of it as the earnings of a company divided by the number of stocks in the company that exist in the market.

To find out the price or EPS of a stock, pick up a newspaper, or a financial publication such as Barron's or The Wall Street Journal. Once you have found these figures enter them into the following boxes and hit the calculate button to see what the P/E ratio for your selected stock is.

Calculate A P/E Ratio

Market to Book Ratios

Market to Book ratio is a measure of how well a stock is doing as compared with how well it should be doing. The market value is the price of a common share of the stock on today's market. The book value of a stock is what it would optimally sell for; sort of a "blue book" rating. Divide the market value by the book ratio, and voila! Try it below with your favorite stock...

Calculate A Market to Book Ratio

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