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"I believe that the Interdisciplinary Studies graduate. program has been the single, greatest catalyst to help me develop the courage and reassurance to pursue my life's calling..."


Master's of Education in Interdisciplinary Studies

Welcome to the M.Ed. in Interdisciplinary Studies web site

Welcome to one of the most unique graduate programs in the Northeast—the self-designed, Interdisciplinary Studies Master’s Degree Program in Education. Currently, this degree is one of the largest graduate programs in the College of Education and Social Services. Students in the program represent a variety of professions including higher education administration, public school education, law enforcement, social and human services, business, military, health care, non-profits, etc. What all these students have in common is that they see themselves as educators in the broadest sense of the term. They coach, train, workshop, lecture, teach, write, advise, mentor, guide, administer, lead, and inspire. They also realize that educators are at their best when they are interdisciplinarians—when they can draw from several of the academic and professional disciplines in order to deepen, enlarge, and enrich their theory and practice. They understand that educational professionals live and work in an interdisciplinary world, and few, if any, problems get solved by a single academic discipline.

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