Submission Instructions

BMC Bioinformatics
Special Issue on Biodiversity Informatics

Organizer: Neil Sarkar, University of Vermont, Burlington VT, USA

Intent to Submit Due: March 11, 2009 
Manuscript Submissions Due: April 15, 2009

Send queries to:

Intention to Submit:
Authors are encouraged to send an "intent to submit" email to by March 11th. Preliminary outlines may be also submitted at this time for some initial editorial feedback; however, final acceptance of manuscripts will require submission of a full-length mansucript that has gained acceptance through a standard peer review process.

How to Prepare Manuscripts:
Submissions are expected to adhere to the BMC Bioinformatics Research Article format.

It is strongly suggested that authors use the BMC Microsoft Word template. The template consists of a standard set of headings that make up a BMC Bioinformatics Research article manuscript, along with dummy fragments of body text. Follow these steps to create a manuscript in the standard format:
  • Replace the dummy text for Title, Author details, Institutional affiliations, and the other sections of the manuscript with your own text (either by entering the text directly or by cutting and pasting from your own manuscript document);
  • If there are sections which are not needed, delete them;
  • If you need an additional copy of a heading (e.g., for additional figure legends) just copy and paste;
  • For the references, they may either be manually entered using the BMC reference style, or automatically entered using bibliographic software (EndNote is strongly recommended). 
Further detailed instructions for BMC Bioinformatics Manuscripts can be viewed here.

How to Submit:
All submissions are to be done via email to
However, if the submission will exceed 5MB, please send an email to for alternative submission instructions.
  1. In the email include, as an attachment, a single Word or PDF document that contains the complete manuscript including any figures and tables. 
  2. In a cover letter within the email, please include –
    • The names and contact information of at least three individuals who may be suitable as peer-reviewers;
    • Up to four names that may have a conflict of interest or individuals to explicitly exclude from peer-review of the submitted manuscript;
    • A short justification for why the submitted manuscript should be considered for inclusion in the special issue; and,
    • A statement indicating that the submitted manuscript is not being considered for publication in any other peer-review setting, has not been previously published, and that all authors agree to the submitted manuscript.
PLEASE NOTE: All submissions to be considered for this special issue MUST be submitted via email to; articles submitted directly to the BMC Bioinformatics journal article submission system will not be considered.