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Gaming Event

Saturday, December 02, 1:00-5:00PM, 105 Votey Building, UVM
Flier: pdf

The IEEE Solid-State Circuit Society (SSCS) Green Mountain Chapter in collaboration with UVM IEEE Student Branch sponsored an exciting gaming event featuring the XBOX 360.

Our guest speakers discussed:

Please visit http://ewh.ieee.org/r1/vermont/ for more information.

Formula Hybrid Racecar Feasibility Meeting


Monday, November 13, 6:30PM, 101 Perkins Building, UVM
Flier: pdf

ASME and IEEE sponsored a meeting to discuss the planning and possibility of a University of Vermont Formula Hybrid Racecar. This meeting established an Executive and Advisor Team and put in place a plan seeking Student Government Association club status.

Please contact Andrew Laing form more information.

"Formula Hybrid Competition and the Dartmouth Racing Team"

Douglas A. Fraser
The Thayer School at Dartmouth College

Monday, November 6, 6:30PM, 101 Perkins Building, UVM
Flier: pdf

This presentation overviewed the history of the Formula Hybrid competition and discussed the design and production of this season's Dartmouth hybrid race car.

After attending art school for photography, Mr. Fraser received a P.E. in mechanical and electrical engineering. Although his official title is Research Engineer, he is more informally known as the Director of the Formula Hybrid Project. He has been at the Thayer School for 25 years.

Check out our interview with Doug!

Insight Racing and the DARPA Grand Challenge

Grayson Randall

Monday, October 5, 6:00PM, 105 Votey Building, UVM
Flier: pdf doc

This presentation overviewed Insight Racing's entry in the 2005 DARPA Challenge, the twelth-place finishing robot, and the team behind its development.

Modern Electronic Design: A DSP based Instrument for Fuel Cell Testing

Ned Lecky
GE Global Research

Monday, September 11, 6:00PM, 361 Votey Building, UVM,
Flier: pdf

This presentation reviewed the process the speaker employed to design and test a DPS-based test instrument for fuel-cell manufacture.

Applications of Wireless Sensing Networks

Chris Townsend

Tuesday, April 13, 5:30PM, 361 Votey Building, UVM
Flier: pdf

Chris discussed issues related to wireless sensors, and sensor network applications.

Mechatronics and the Source of Invention

Dr. Valery Kagan and Kyle Clark
iTherm Technologies

Tuesday, March 28, 5:00PM, 361 Votey Building, UVM
Flier: pdf

Valery and Kyle discussed developments in electromagnetic induction and electric conduction for industrial heating.