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Occupational Health and Safety Program

  • An occupational health and safety program is a required part of the overall animal care and use program. 

  • The focus is maintaining a safe and healthy workplace.  

  • UVM's Department of Risk Management has contracted with an outside firm to provide occupational health monitoring for all UVM personnel who work with animals.  This firm, Concentra, Inc., is located at 7 Fayette Road, South Burlington, VT 05403, phone, 802-658-5756.    

  • All personnel working with animals are required to complete a baseline risk assessment form prior to working with animals.

  • Subsequent health reviews are required annually utilizing an annual update form. If, however, you have health concerns prior to any review you should contact Concentra immediately.

  • As the assessments are received at Concentra, each person’s responses are evaluated by an occupational health physician. Those persons who are designated to be at risk for work-related disease will be contacted by Concentra to make an appointment for a physical examination by Concentra. 

  •  Occupational Health Baseline Form 

  •  Occupational Health Annual Form 

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