University of Vermont

Division of Human Resources, Diversity and Multicultural Affairs

Contact Information

461 Main Street
Allen House, Room 203
Burlington, VT 05405
(v) 802-656-8833

Administrative Assistant

Masha Shelukha
Allen House, Room 200C
(v) 802-656-9511

Program and Event Coordinator

Marie Waterworth
Allen House, Room 200B
(v) 802-656-9727



Sherwood E. Smith, Ed.D.
Senior Executive Director for Diversity, Engagement and Professional Development



The engagement and professional development of all people within the social fabric of our university is of strategic importance and at the heart of HRDMA’s mission. The strength of our institution is tied to the strength of our diverse community. The University of Vermont is dependent upon its students, faculty, and staff for being a leading institution in the State of Vermont and the nation.

We advance the university’s academic and inclusive excellence by developing greater awareness, understanding, skills, and personal accountability for engaging all members of our community. We strive for excellence in faculty, staff, and student competencies in relationship to academics, institutional values, social responsibility and justice form the core of our programs and services.

As an institution of learning, the professional development of students, faculty, and staff is critical to achieving the university’s mission. We work to ensure that all members of our community receive the skills, qualifications, and experiences for their continual success at the university and beyond. And, we are dedicated to creating a unified environment where the needs of the whole person are supported through integrated services and programming.

Reporting Areas:

Multicultural Education

Diversity & Equity Unit

Organization and Professional Development


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