Scarff Avenue looking west from Wells Street intersection

October 31, 1938; Louis L. McAllister

October 22, 2006; Brandee Wagner: 18064233E; 4923631N; 215ft.

Taken in 1938, these are a series of three photos taken to document the paving of Scarff Avenue from Richardson Street heading east.  This area was a rapidly growing section of Burlington.  As a part of the Ferguson & Scarff Addition, Scarff Avenue provided housing in a comfortable residential area conveniently located close to the industrial complexes to the north and west of the street.   As an example of the type of residents living in the “moderate priced homes”(1) in the Ferguson & Scarff Addition, one can look at the resident of number 17 Scarff Avenue in 1938.  This was one William A. Latour, salesman who worked on Church Street, downtown.(2)  As with the other residents of this area of the city, Latour lived in the outlying section of the city and traveled in-town for work.  This was the appeal of the Ferguson & Scarff Addition, as it allowed residents to be conveniently located close to both the industrial center and the business center of Burlington, while at the same time still remain in nice a residential neighborhood.

(1) 73rd Report of the City of Burlington, Vermont 1938 (Burllington: Free Press Printing Co.), p169.

(2) Manning's Burlington & Winooski Directory for year 1938 (Springfield H.A. Manning Co).


The same houses still stand on Scarff Avenue, though the growth and changes of the trees give the streetscape a much different feel.  Otherwise, very few if any, other changes have been made to this area of the Ferguson & Scarff Addition.

1935; Louis L. McAllister

October 31, 1938; Louis L. McAllister

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