Richardson Street looking north from Home Avenue

April 18, 1934; Louis L. McAllister

October 29, 2006; Brandee Wagner: 180642193E; 4923510N; 203ft.

Scarff Avenue runs west from Shelburne Road, intersects with Wells Street and ends at Richardson Street.  Only two blocks long, Scarff Avenue still is just as densely populated as the rest of the Ferguson & Scarff Addition.  Here, a series of photos highlighting the growth of the street and the public works projects that fueled that growth.  Taken over a timespan of only three years, these contrasting photos truly illustrate the rapid growth of the Addition. 

In the 1935 photo, houses number 20 (gable-front) and number 24/26 (split, side-gable) are the only dwellings on Scarff Avenue. (1)   By 1938, just three years later, the street was nearly full with the addition of houses numbered 37, 33, and 31 on the south (left) side of the street. (2) By this time, the growth had begun spreading west.

(1) Manning's Burlington & Winooski Directory for year 1935 (Springfield H.A. Manning Co).

(2) Manning's Burlington & Winooski Directory for years 1938 (Springfield H.A. Manning Co). Insurance Map of Burlington, VT (New York: Sanborn Map Company, 1942).


Today, the same houses still occupy their lots, and with several other additions to the neighborhood, the growth has continued through the years.  Currently, every lot has been built on, so the neighborhood has reached maximum structural capacity for now. 

The trees have been moved closer to the street and have grown in to give a sheltering quality to the sidewalks and front yards of the homes on Scarff Avenue.

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