St. Paul & Spruce Street
Looking North

September 18, 1940; Louis L. McAllister

October 22, 2006; Caitlin Meives
UTM 180642173E; 4925650N

McAllister shot this image just before the intersection of Spruce Street and St. Paul, looking north.  The first house, on the right of the image, is #336.  It is listed in the 1940 directory as vacant.  According to Blow, James Morse purchased this land in 1832, built the house, and lived there until his death in 1868.[9]  The second house, #324/322, was built before 1890 and in 1940 housed Fred J. Cota, a driver for Adsit Coal Company, Arthur J. Carron, and Alexander Verrett (of Verrett and Son grocery) and his family.[10]

The construction occurring in the above image on September 18, 1940 is also part of the St. Paul Street Asphalt Paving Project.  The newly completed curb and gutter are visible on the right of the photograph and continue south to Smalley Park.  The description on the back of the photograph reads, “The workmen are just completing the construction of the asphalt binder course on which will be constructed immediately a two inch wearing course.”[11]

[9] Blow vol. 1, 71.

[10] 1890 CM Hopkins Burlington Map

Burlington City Directory, 1940.

[11] (author unknown), Photo Caption, Louis L. McAllister

Aside from the loss of the large American elms, this view has changed little since 1940.  Both houses remain standing, with minor changes.  The screened in porch on #324/322, for example, has been enclosed and the entry porch on 336 has been altered. 
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