Pine Street - Between Kilburn Street & Pine Place
Looking South

No date, circa 1930 ; Louis L. McAllister

December 5, 2006; Caitlin Meives
UTM 180641963E; 4925635N

McAllister took this image on Pine Street, slightly south of Kilburn Street.  The most visible house in the above image is the large three story house on the left, numbered as both 1 Pine Place and 420 Pine Street.  #420 Pine Street first appears on the Sanborn Insurance maps in 1912 as a glove factory.  As early as 1910 the city directory lists the Meunier Brothers as glove manufacturers at 420 Pine Street.  The various Meunier brothers are first listed at Pine Place, corner of Pine in 1900.  By the 1926 Sanborn Insurance map 420 Pine is also shown as #1 Pine Place. 

The date of the picture is unknown, however, judging by other pictures McAllister took in the area it was mostly likely taken in the first half of the 1930s before the road widening project and the construction of curbs and gutters.  During this time period 420 Pine Street is no longer listed in the directories but is instead listed as 1 Pine Place, where Louis J. Meunier lived and worked as an undertaker. By 1935, however, the Meuniers were no longer living in the house, replaced by six tenants.  

On the right side of the image are a series of buildings that, at the proposed time of the image, comprised the E.S. Adsit Coal Company's coal yard.  The first building is #341 and is located just north of Pine Place.  According to the Sanborn maps, this building housed the office and scales of E.S. Adsit.  The brick building visible in the distance past E.S. Adsit is the Maltex Company factory (see Pine & Howard Street (2)).

Today's image of this section of Pine Street portrays a much different feel yet, in many ways, remains the same. For example, the house on the corner of Pine Place and Pine Street is still present, with few visible alterations.  On the other hand, the E.S. Adsit coal yard is gone.  E.S. Adsit moved to another location between 1946 and 1948, with Citizens Coal Yard taking its place on Pine Street. 
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