Pine Street & Flynn Avenue
Looking South

August 13, 1940; Louis L. McAllister

October 22, 2006; Caitlin Meives
UTM 180642077E; 4924007N

McAllister took this image after completion of paving on Pine Street between Flynn Avenue and Lyman Avenue.[32]  He took the image from the intersection of Flynn Avenue and Pine Street, looking south toward Ferguson Avenue.  Just visible in the distance, as the road rises, is the end of the pavement at Morse Place.  The small one story structure on the left of the image is Bedard's Cash Market, #880 Pine.  Bedard's Market first appears in the 1926 city directory, with Arthur J. Bedard as its proprietor.  Bedard also lived in the house just past the grocery, #78 Ferguson, beginning in 1926.  This is also the first year that #78 Ferguson is listed in the city directory. 

On the right of the image, obscured by a row of trees, is St. Anthony's Church.  For more information.

[32]  (author unknown), Photo Caption, Louis L. McAllister.

Arthur Bedard operated his grocery until his death between 1958 and 1960.  From 1960 until 1962 his wife, Florence M. Bedard, became proprietor of Bedard's Cash Market.  From 1963 through 1969 the city directory lists 880 Pine first as Posey's Market then as Ed's Superette, however, the 1960 Sanborn Insurance map shows 880 Pine to be a private garage that was formerly attached to the back of Bedard's.  To further confuse matters, a local union hall is listed at 880 Pine from 1970 until at least 1990.  Whether the maps or the directories are inaccurate or if Ed's Superette operated in a garage structure is unclear.  What is clear, however, is that the original 880 Pine Street—the structure that housed Bedard's Cash Market—no longer exists.  Though it is not visible through the trees in the above image, #78 Ferguson does still exist. 
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