Pine & Howard Street
Looking South

August 3, 1944; Louis L. McAllister

October 22, 2006; Caitlin Meives
UTM 180641985E; 4925314N

Taken at Pine and Howard Streets, looking south, this image shows the intersection before construction began in 1944.  On the left, on the south side of Howard Street, is brush fiber storage for E.B. and A.C. Whiting Company, brush fiber manufacturers.  The two story masonry structure across the street, #453, was also part of E.B. and A.C. Whiting Company.  Beyond that, where the conical roofed tanks are visible, is the Green Mountain Power Corporation gas plant.  At the time of the photograph, the tanks held gas as well as oil.  The structures pictured above are all present on the 1912 Sanborn Insurance map, however, the structures owned by  E.B. and A.C. Whiting were owned by Horatio Hickok and the plant was Burlington Light and Power Company.  The Horatio Hickok buildings date to at least 1889 on the Sanborn maps but prior to 1912, the area of the plant is not covered on Sanborn maps.  Although this area continues to have an industrial look and feel, none of the structures from the 1944 image are present today.  In place of the brush fiber storage building is a vacant factory, formerly Special Filaments, Inc.  Trees and brush have replaced the E.B. and A.C. Whiting buildings on the right side of the image.  The gas plant no longer exists.
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