Pine & Maple Street
Looking South

June 13, 1935 ; Louis L. McAllister

October 22, 2006; Caitlin Meives
UTM 180641936E; 4926027N

On the left side of the image, proceeding south from Maple Street down Pine Street are houses #109 Maple, 216 Pine, and 218 Pine Street.  In 1935 Anthony Joseph ran a grocery, Camille M. Daigneault worked as a barber, and two other men lived at #109 Maple.  The building first appears in the directory in 1923 under William E. Bashaw meats.  By 1927, a barbershop and two residents live alongside Bashaw meats.  A #105 appears in the same spot on the 1889 Sanborn Insurance map, however, it is unclear if this was an entirely different structure or if the address was simply changed sometime after 1894.  #216 does not appear in the directory until 1931, however, it is present on Sanborn Insurance maps as early as 1926, though it doesn't appear with a house number until the 1938 Sanborn map.    #218 on the other hand, appears in the directory for the first time in 1902.  Various apparently single men lived in #218 over the years employed, to name a few, at Citizen Coal Company, at a brush factory, as a shoemaker, and as a shoe repairer.[24]

On the right side of the image, proceeding south Maple Street down Pine Street are houses #103 Maple, 219/221 Pine, and 223 Pine Street.  At the time of the image, a Mrs. Elizabeth M. Wright, widow of Loomis J. Wright, lived at 103 Maple.  This house existed at least as early as 1889.  The Wrights occupied it by 1892 and, according to city directories, Elizabeth M. Wright remained there until 1965-1966.  Based on the city directories, #221 was built sometime between 1894 and 1899.  It housed as many as six residents at a time in its history up to 1935. 

Although #223 is not visible in the photograph because it is set far back from the street, a sign that reads “Wright. . .and Wel. . .” is just barely visible.  This was a sign for Harold L. Wright's business, Wright Machine and Welding Company.  Wright's business is first present at 223 in 1923; prior to that the business is listed at 221 ½  Pine Street.  Loomis J. Wright, proprietor of 103 Maple and presumably a relation of Harold L. Wright, was also somehow associated with Wright Machine and Welding Company.  Harold Wright even lived at 103 Maple in 1920. 

McAllister took this image after the completion of construction in the road widening project from Maple Street to Howard Street.  This road widening included curb and gutter construction, the results of which can be seen in the photograph.[25] 

[24] Burlington City Directories

[25] Burlington Annual City Report, 1936, 286.

The buildings in this image remain largely unchanged.  #109 Maple has the addition of a garage and Wright's sign is no longer present.  The number of trees lining the road has increased, making the street feel less bare.  The houses in the McAllister image today serve as private residences. 
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