Pine & Main Street
Looking South

July 12, 1933; Louis L. McAllister

October 22, 2006; Caitlin Meives
UTM 180641919E; 4926273N

McAllister took this image from the intersection of Main Street and Pine Street, looking south down Pine Street.  The large brick building on the left is #101 Main St.  It first appears in the 1923 city directory, occupied by Consolidated Auto Sales Company.  Prior to that, #95 and #97 had existed on that lot since at least 1900, when they appear on the Sanborn Insurance map.  Between its first appearance in the directory in 1923 and the time McAllister took the image in 1933, #101 held various motor sales companies.  The 1926 Sanborn Insurance map indicates that the structure has “Garage Capacity 60 cars.”[20]  At the time of the picture C.H. Goss Company occupied the building.  Just past #101 but barely visible in the picture are houses #152, 156, and 160.

On the right is #149/151 and, the porch barely visible, #153.  Both houses date to at least 1869 as the structures are present without house numbers on the 1869 Sanborn Insurance map.  In 1933, a carpenter named William J. LaRow and a retired man—presumably his father—Eli LaRow lived at #149.  William J. LaRow, in fact, lived there for a number of years—from 1928 through 1939.  Prior to LaRow, a number of different men and women lived in #149, ranging in occupation from portrait artists to firemen.[21]

[20] Burlington Sanborn Insurance map, 1926.

[21] Burlington City Directories

#101 Main Street still remains today and is currently undergoing construction.[22]  The two houses adjacent to it—#152 and #156—were torn down sometime after 1960.  #160 is still standing, however, it is currently vacant.  The houses on the right side of the picture all remain standing today and continue to function as housing. 



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