Pine & Howard Street (3)
Looking North

September 15, 1944; Louis L. McAllister

October 22, 2006; Caitlin Meives
UTM 1806989E; 4925233N

The construction shown in the foreground of this McAllister image is part of a Pine Street project, “. . .financed by the Federal Government as an Access Highway to a Defense Plant. . .”  Also part of this project, was the construction seen here of railroad tracks across Pine Street to Tuletex Plant, financed by E.B. & A.C. White Company.[28]  The white building on the left of the image, #453, was one of many buildings that comprised the  E.B. & A.C. White Company's brush manufacturing complex.  Beyond that, at #431 Pine, is the factory of the Maltex Company, manufacturers of malted cereals and breakfast foods.  This factory was built between 1899 and 1900, replacing Mathews and Hickok buildings that burned in a fire between 1889 and 1894.  In 1899, when the Maltex Company first appears in the city directory on Pine Street, it is known as Malted Cereals Company.  Barely visible on the right side of the image, is another building owned by E.B. & A.C. White Company (click here for another view of this building).

[28]  (author unknown), Photo Caption, Louis L. McAllister

In the present day image the railroad tracks can still be seen crossing Pine Street.  The two buildings in the background of the McAllister image also remain.  A modern addition has been added to the north side of the former Maltex Company factory building and the windows on the front facade have been unbricked.  The cereal company last appeared in the city directory at  431 Pine Street in 1968.  The former factory now houses Café Piccolo and other businesses.  Trees and brush have replaced the E.B. and A.C. Whiting building on the left side of the image.  Finally, the water tower in the distance no longer stands.
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