Lakeside Avenue & Pine Street
Looking West

August 3, 1944; Louis L. McAllister

December 5, 2006; Caitlin Meives
UTM 180642028E; 4924664N

McAllister took this image from Pine Street, looking west down Lakeside Avenue.  The closest structure is the St. Johnsbury Trucking Company's motor freight station.  The company advertises itself in the 1946 directory as “Bonded Freight Furniture Forwarders” and first appears at this location in the 1941/1942 directory.  At the time the image was taken the building's address was listed as 645 Pine Street.[1] 

Barely visible past the trees is the Bell Aircraft Corporation Factory (more information: Lakeside & Central Avenue).  Across the street from this is a parking lot for Bell Aircraft employees and barely visible in the center of the road is the Rutland Railroad underpass.  This image shows the intersection with the concrete pavement before construction began.

[1] Burlington City Directories

Since 1944 this intersection has become more developed.  Instead of an empty lot, the southwest corner of the intersection is now a gas station.  St. Johnsbury Trucking remained in this location until 1989.  In its place stands the City of Burlington Department of Public Works and Department of Parks and Recreation.
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