Lakeside Avenue - West of Conger Avenue
Looking West

December 5, 1945; Louis L. McAllister

October 26, 2006; Caitlin Meives
UTM 180641595E; 4924630N

McAllister took this image at the western end of Lakeside Avenue, near Conger Ave., looking west towards Lake Champlain.  On the left are (from west to east) houses #45/47, 51/53, and 57/59.  Standing alone on the right side of the image is house #42.  The corner of the Blodgett factory is visible on the right edge of the photograph (more information: Lakeside Avenue - Near Central).  Past the houses, at the end of the street, is Lake Champlain. 

Taken six days before the Lakeside & Central Avenue and Lakeside Avenue, West of Conger (2) images, this image shows Lakeside Ave. before the temporary wearing surface seen in those pictures.  Here one sees the stabilized base, above which the workers would apply a “3 inch layer of crushed stone. . . and penetrating the same with asphalt emulsion and covering with concrete sand as a 'blotter' for the winter. . .”[12]  The work of paving was to be completed the following spring. 

[12] (author unknown), Photo Caption, Louis L. McAllister

Today the three houses on the left side of the image remain largely unchanged.  #42 Lakeside Ave. is gone and in its place stands #32, Coffee Enterprises.  The Blodgett factory remains standing today with some additions (more information: Lakeside & Central Avenue).
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