Intersection of Main and South Winooski Streets

Louis L. McAllister, September 1929
Facing West

Louis L. McAllister, October 1929
Facing West

Sara Casten, October 2006
Facing West, 180642279E 4926280N UTM

These pictures were taken to document the 1929 paving project, the first where the rails are visible was taken in September and the latter shows the street after in has been paved in October. 

On the left is the Strong building, built in 1905 it stood until 1971, when it was destroyed by fire.[1] In the far left the Post Office is visible, this Monumental Beaux Arts style building was built in the early twentieth century.

On the right in the foreground is Lodge Hall.  According to the 1930 city directory the Lodge Hall was referred to as the Hayward Block and all of its commercial spaces were listed as vacant.[2]  Then in the 1931 directory, it is listed as the Parkhill Building with many new offices and businesses in residence.[3]  Most likely Lodge Hall was demolished and the Parkhill was built in its place, it had been destroyed by fire all of its occupancies would not have been listed as vacant in the 1930 city directory.


[1] Blow 192

[2] Burlington City Directories, H.A. Manning, 1930

[3] Burlington City Directories, H.A. Manning, 1931

Many of the buildings still stand today with the exception of the Strong building and Lodge Hall, the Strong was destroyed by fire and in its place is now Court House Plaza and Lodge Hall was demolished in 1930 and the Parkhill building was erected in its place.  The post office building is still there and now houses the Chittenden County Courthouse. 








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