In Front of the Post Office--Facing Northwest

Louis L. McAllister, May 1943

Sara Casten, October 2006, 180642216E 4926280N UTM

In this photograph the Vermont Life Insurance Company built in 1868 is clearly visible, according the 1900 city directory it was sold to the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company which by 1943 (when the picture was taken) had moved to 212-214 College Street.  Attorney Charles Black bought the building in 1927 and still owned it when the photo was taken.  The store front was occupied by a state Liquor Store in 1943.[1] Also visible is the one corner of the Brownell & Hathaway Building. Behind the Vermont Life Insurance Building is City Hall. Click here for more information on City Hall.

Also depicted in the photo is the rail removal project.  Here workers are using the A frame method.  The frame is attached to the end of a 26 foot boom of a Universal Truck Chain.   This method was used when the surface of the ground was uneven and kept damage to the pavement at a minimum.[2]


[1] Burlington City Directories, H.A. Manning, 1900 & 1927-1943

[2] Author Unknown, this is referencing the caption written on the back of the photo.

Not much has changed in the current photo; all the original buildings are still there, Dunkin’ Donuts now occupies the space where the liquor store was in 1943. 









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