Corner of Main and St. Paul Streets

Louis L. McAllister, circa 1930
Facing East

Sara Casten, October 2006
Facing East, 180642031E 4926270N UTM

This photo is not dated, but based on the horse and carriage it is safe to say that this is one of McAllister’s earlier photographs possibly taken in the 1920s.  It couldn’t have been taken before 1911 as the Hotel Vermont pictured here did not exist until then.[1] 

The Hotel Vermont completed in June 1911 in colonial revival style quickly became Vermont’s primer hotel, being that it was the tallest hotel in the state.  Many weddings and social functions were held here until its close in the 1970s when it was bought by the Vermont Hotel Association.[2] 


[1] Blow 202

[2] Author Unknown, National Register of Historic Places Inventory: City Hall Park Historic District, (U.S. Nation Park Service) 6.

Not much has changed to the exterior of the Hotel Vermont since it was built.  The Vermont Hotel Association turned the building into efficiency apartments and renamed it Park Center Apartments.[1]  The building was bought again in 1986 by Paul Sprayregen who remodeled it to a luxury apartment building and reopened it as the Vermont House.[2]  A bar, "What Ales You" has been added to the basement of the building with its entrance on St. Paul Street. 


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