Church Street looking North between Bank and Cherry Streets

UTM: 18 0642141 E, 4926626 N 219 feet

L.L. McAllister
c. 1940

A.L. Bushey
October 29, 2006

McAllister took this photo of a truck washing the cement pavement of Church Street prior to the burning of the New Sherwood Hotel at #35 Church Street (more information in photo pair #3).(1)  On the left side of the street is the F.W. Woolworth & Co. department store at #37-#39 Church.  A partial sign for George G. Mylkes Antiques is visible in the upper left-hand corner.  Mylkes is located at #41 Church Street.   In the right foreground is the Red 46 Department Store at #38-#50 Church.  Across Cherry Street on the right at #30 is Liggett’s Drug Store.(2)

(1) 61st Report, fold-out map.

(2) Manning’s Burlington and Winooski Directory for year beginning 1928 (Springfield: H.A. Manning Co.), 381.

The area McAllister captured in this photograph is one of the most altered sections of Church Street.  On the right side of the photograph where the Woolworth building stood has since been removed to make way for the Burlington Square Mall, which was constructed after developers purchased the area in 1972.(3)  The corner once occupied by Woolworth’s is now graced by an Old Navy store.  Across the street is Border’s Booksellers and Café, a modest two-story brick structure where the seven-story New Sherwood Hotel once stood.  The Unitarian Church still remains, as does the former Red 46 Department store.  The streetcar tracks have since been removed as part of Burlington’s 1943 Rail Removal Project, discussed further in photos #11-#13.(4)

(3) David J. Blow. Guide to Burlington Neighborhoods (Burlington: Chittenden County Historic Society), 36.

(4) 78th Report of the City of Burlington, Vermont, 1943 (Burlington: Free Press Printing Company), 177, 180.

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