Maple Street looking East from Summit Street

UTM: 18 0642976 E, 4926101 N 362 feet

L.L. McAllister

A.L. Bushey
October 15, 2006

This viewpoint documents the completion of WPA Project 465-12-1-16.  The street has been completely paved after “two-inch plant mix, using a high percentage of pea stone with H.R.M. asphalt emulsion for binder and sealing with X.R.M. asphalt emulsion and a light application of sand.”(1)

Owing to increased foliage, only the building at 231 South Prospect is visible in this photo.  Again, Robert T. Platka is listed at this address by the City directory of 1938.(2)

(1)  73rd Report Burlington Vermont for year ending June 30 1938 (Burlington: Free Press Printing Co., 1938), 193, 196.

(2) Manning’s Burilington Winooski and Essex Junction Directory for year beginning Septrember 1938 (Springfield: H.A. Manning Company), 18, 151, 224.

The building at 231 S. Prospect Street still stands, although it has been altered and the rear façade, as visible in McAllister’s image, has been obscured by a large fire escape.  The building is not visible in this photo due to several post-World War Two residences constructed on previously undeveloped lots.
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