Church Street looking South from City Hall

UTM: 18 0642159 E, 4926363 N 208 feet

L.L. McAllister
June 25, 1943

A.L. Bushey
October 29, 2006

This image is another in the series documenting the Salvage Project Rail-Removal Project, taken on June 25, 1943.  Three stages are visible in this photograph.  In the background, the A-frame boom is pulling a rail in front of City Hall.  In the middle ground the rail trench is being cleaned and prepared for filling.  In the foreground the concrete is being laid in front of the Police Headquarters, then located in the Ethan Allen Engine Company Number 4.  The concrete was prepped in the Municipal Asphalt Plant, using an Asphalt Pugmill mixer.(1)

(1) 78th Report, 177, 179.

The facades at this viewpoint have been altered extensively.  The three story building with cast iron lintels has been repainted red; the next building towards Main Street has lost its gable roof and now has a flat roof.  The building on the corner of Main and Church, however, has been altered the most.  This ten-bay, three story edifice has lost the northern seven bays of its third story.  Also note the change in street lighting fixtures.
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