Church Street looking South from Pearl Street

UTM: 18 0642123 E, 4926727 N 233 feet

L.L. McAllister

A.L. Bushey
October 15, 2006

It is likely that McAllister took this photo on the same day, documenting the same January 1925 storm, as photo #4.  Again, the most prominent building at this viewpoint is the New Sherwood Hotel at 35 Church Street.  Also visible is the Masonic Temple building at 1, 3, 5, 7 Church Street.  On the left side of the street, the corner of Abernethy’s building is caught in the frame next to the 1937 Art Deco building.  These buildings are discussed in more detail in photo pairs three and five.
Most of the street at this viewpoint, on the right hand side, has been altered.  Gone are the handsome three story brick buildings and in their place stand diminutive structures, some with false fronts.  The Abernethy and Masonic Temple buildings still grace the head of Church Street, and the Art Deco building also still stands with a sushi restaurant at the street level.
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