Maple Street looking West from Pine Street

UTM: 18 064193 E, 4926025 N 127 feet

L.L. McAllister
July 12, 1933

A.L. Bushey
October 15, 2006

In this photograph, McAllister captures the quiet elegance of residential sector and the eclectic nature of American streets.  Although the foliage shrouds most of the buildings that line the street, three buildings can be deciphered, each representing a separate stage of American architecture.  On the left side of the street at 95 Maple Street is a Cape Cod style house, built c. 1880.  It is a simple structure with a gable roof and clapboard siding.  Next on the left at 89 Maple Street is a Queen Anne style building, constructed circa 1905.  It is a timber framed, gable front structure covered in clapboards on the first story and shingles on the second.  On the right side of the street, obscured by the trees, is a row house in the French Second Empire style, built c. 1885.(1)  (More information on this structure in photo pair #16.)

(1) Battery Street Historic District, 6.

All three of the structures still stand.  The Cape Cod house stands much the same as it appeared in the McAllister image.  The Queen Anne style house has had minor alterations, including roof work.  The row house, however, in the French Second Empire style has changed very little, if at all, in the three-quarters of a century since McAllister photographed this image.  This structure is discussed in greater detail in photo pair #16.
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