Howard Street looking west from Hayward Street

UTM 18 0642139E 4925317N

L.L. McAllister
July 26, 1945

S.E. Arena
October 16, 2006

Taken from the same location as Photo #5 three years later, this image shows the completed street improvement. This is the end of the Hayward Street Improvement, boasting new curbs and asphalt. The houses, wood frame with clapboard siding are modest and neatly kept. Residents were working or middle class, such as Hermenegilde L. Blanchard who lived at #46, the large house on the right, for many years while employed as an agent for John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance.(1)

(1) Burlington City Directory, 1946

This street remains mostly unchanged although thick growth of bushes and small trees obscures the view on the left. The two story, yellow house in the foreground, #46 is typical of the alterations on houses in the neighborhood. The side porch has been closed in and vinyl siding has been added.

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