Marble Avenue looking east from Pine Street

UTM 18 0641965E 4925516N

L.L. McAllister
November 5, 1941

October 16, 2006

This photo shows sewer work on Marble Avenue, part of the road construction that was taking place throughout the surrounding streets. This included curb work that was also taking place on Hayward Street, Howard Street and Catherine Street.(1) The houses in this image were built around the late 1800’s, early 1900’s and are mostly simple, wood frame structures with street facing porches and clapboard siding.(2) Beginning on the left side is a two story duplex #8-10, built in 1916.(3) Beyond that are #14 and #18, constructed around 1924.(4) In the center of the photo a crane can be seen removing dirt from the ditch to lay the sewer line.

On the right side are two eaves front, two story houses, #35 and #37. This style of house was common in the neighborhood and generally housed laborers, many of whom worked at surrounding businesses. For example George Murray resided in one of the units at #35 and worked at E.B.&A.C. Whiting and Co. located one block down on Pine St. Just out of sight on the right is #31, where Laurine Blaise lived, conveniently close to a job next door at Penick and Ford Ltd.(5)

The brick commercial building in the foreground on the right, #7 Marble Avenue, was home to the Vermont Division of Penick and Ford Ltd. from 1927-1967. Producers of maple sugar and syrup, Penick and Ford were a large part of the industrial area extending down Pine St., employing a number of people living nearby. The building was previously occupied by Welch Bros. Maple Co. from the time of the building’s construction in 1920-1926.(6)

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Though some of the view is obscured by trees, very little has changed. No new houses have been built, though one building has been lost. Not quite visible in the 1941 view was Bombard’s Garage, now the parking lot on the left in the foreground.(7)

Following Penick and Ford’s tenancy, a variety of businesses operated from this location, including Reynold’s RJ Food Inc. c.1968-1976 and then storage for Pepsi Cola, 1977-1983. From around 1987-2004 the building was shared by Gaslight Homestyle Laundry and Shore Sails.(8) In the current photo the building, still visible with no alterations to the exterior, houses a second hand clothing store, Battery Street Jeans.

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