Locust Street lokking west from Shelburne Road

UTM 18 0642561E 4924898N

L.L. McAllister
circa 1939

S.E. Arena
October 19, 2006

The construction of Locust Street took place in the late 1930’s, with the first residents appearing in 1938. At this point the new sidewalks, curbing and gutters are finished, with only paving left to complete.(1) The stretch of houses on the left under construction were the first to show an address on Locust Street #143-149. Those numbers appeared to change shortly after completion. Moving away from Hayward Street, residents in this newly developed area tended to be more middle class. For example, Robert Miller the first tenant of #147 Locust was a supervisor at Penick and Ford, while his neighbor, Arthur Steelman was the plant manager for Colonial Beacon Oil Co.(2)

(1) City of Burlington Annual Report, 1939

(2) Burlington City Directories, 1938-1940

    Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps for Burlington, 1938, 1942

Development in this area continued with Christ the King church across the street, the light colored brick building to the right, which began construction in 1939. The addition of a gymnasium to the rear came in 1961.(3)

(3) Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps for Burlington, 1938, 1942, 1960

    David Blow. Historic Guide to Burlington Neighborhoods (Burlington: Chittenden County Historical Society, 1991), 77


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