Hayward Street looking north from Catherine Street

UTM 18 0642141E 4925213N

L.L. McAllister
January 12, 1942

S.E. Arena
October 19, 2006

Part of the Hayward Street Improvement, in this view, old gutters and curbs have been removed and broken up to be used as part of the telford base for the new asphalt. On top of this base will be 1 1/2“ stone which will later be sprayed with asphalt binder. The round piece of machinery in the distance is the crane with drop hammer breaking up old pavement.(1)

Many residents in the area, such as the ones living at #76, the large two tone house on the right, worked at nearby factories. Tenants at #76 and #76 ½ included Leonard Bourgea, and Joseph Cardin, who were both employed at E.B. & A.C. Whiting, located less than two blocks away. One of the few small business in the area, South End Lunch was located at #75, fourth building on the left. The proprietor, Eloi Demers, lived just around the corner at #45 Howard St.(2)

(1) City of Burlington Annual Report, 1942; 169

(2) Burlington City Directory, 1942

Not much has changed since the 1942 view. A new house has been constructed on the right. And the porch has been enclosed on the porch in the foreground on the left. Three doors beyond the new porch is the site of the South End Lunch. Maps consistently show a house at this location, but the footprint has changed. It is not clear whether the old structure was torn down or added to.(3)

(3) Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps for Burlington, 1942, 1960


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